Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Education is a continuous process and Govt.(Autonomous) P.G. College Datia  will remain in the forefront and will strive to provide quality education coupled with the latest in infrastructure facilities, which will leave a long lasting impression in the minds and hearts of all the students, parents, staff and dignitaries who have been fortunate enough to be associated with it and have passed through the portals of this “Temple of Learning”.


» To engage its resources towards service and upliftment of the underprivileged rural population  

» To provide excellent infrastructure facilities in terms of well equipped Laboratories, well stacked Library etc., that match with similar facilities available in developed urban areas  

» To ensure conducive and equal opportunities to all students enabling than to acquire knowledge and skill of international standards  

» To motivate academic faculty to meet the ever increasing challenges in the era of liberalization, privatization, globalization and to provide quality education to its students  

» To offer all-round education by making it learner centered, provide continuous education to all students with necessary skills and specializations that would match with the needs of the industry sector and of relevance in the global market  

» To provide all the necessary inputs to its students to enable them meet the challenges with courage and fortitude and the changing needs of the society  

» To transform students who enter this “Temple of Learning”, into motivated and, matured professionals, and above all, humane and responsible citizens of our country

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